Vascular Bioreactor

a system capable of testing a range of cardiovascular conditions


Features & Benefits

  • Simple and fast assembly

  • Allows user control over many variables for accurate conditioning and testing

  • Entire system fits on a standard cell culture incubator shelf

  • Designed to maintain function with minimal media volume

  • Accommodates a variety of vessel sizes and diameters

  • Compatible with detergents, weak acids & bases, alcohols, etc.

  • Components are disposable or easily sterilized with an autoclave

  • Customization available to accommodate user needs



  • Vessel Inner Diameter: 1.78 - 6 mm

  • Vessel Length: 0.5 - 7.5 cm or custom

  • Viscosity: Adjustable

  • Pressure: up to 200 mmHg

  • Media Volume: less than 10 mL

  • Total Flow: up to 2000 L/min