Platform Heart Valve Bioreactor

The base system used to test and develop heart valves under physiological conditions 


Aortic Conditions Module

The Aortic Conditions Module adds on additional chambers to the base Heart Valve Bioreactor in order to test conditions specific to the aortic valve.

This module allows the user to independently control systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, and flow rate for all normal and pathological conditions.

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Pulmonic Conditions Module

This module utilizes a hydrostatic pressure head to create the conditions specific to the pulmonary valve.

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Rotating Cell Seeder

The RC Seeder is a chamber-rotator designed specifically for seeding cells on heart valve roots. Proper gas exchange can be achieved through the vacuum feature to give your cells an oxygen rich environment. With the two-pathway system, you can seed cells internally or externally on your heart valves. Each RC Seeder frame can mount up to two seeding chambers. For large sample sizes, the RC Seeder is designed to allow up to four frames (eight seeding chambers) to fit inside a standard incubator.


Perfusion Decell System

The PDCell System uses cyclical pressure and flow to thoroughly decellularize aortic heart valve roots without damaging the sensitive valve leaflets. This patented system can hold up to five heart valves.