Platform Heart Valve Bioreactor

The base system used to test and develop heart valves under physiological conditions 

Mounting Assembly.JPG

MechAnnulus Valve Mount

The bioreactor system features a self-adjusting valve holder to allow for a simple and efficient mounting process. The MechAnnulus Valve Mount was specially designed to help grip tissue during assembly, prevent slippage during use, and apply a constant force as the sample shape changes during use. It can be used with bioprosthetic, mechanical, and tissue pulmonary, aortic, and mitral valves.


Physio Software

Physio Software allows for real time monitoring and data display, giving the user confidence that input conditions are being achieved by the system. Data can be collected continuously or at user-specified intervals and is automatically exported as CSV files for easy use. The optically transparent system allow for clear visualization and monitoring of the functional valve. The software is capable of monitoring the following data: heart rate, cycle count, total flow, averaged stroke volume, cusp movement, and systolic & diastolic pressure in the aorta and ventricle.


Control Box

The control boxes are designed to control anywhere from one to four bioreactors at a time. The control boxes maintain airflow in and out of the systems and regulate flow and pressure.