Platform Heart Valve Bioreactor

The base system used to test and develop heart valves under physiological conditions

BHV - Closed 3.JPG

Features & Benefits

  • Simulates conditions for pulmonary, aortic, and mitral valves

  • Pre-assembled consumables hit allows for fast assembly

  • Unit can independently control up to four systems

  • Provide sterile in-vitro environment

  • Optically transparent for video capture

  • Accommodates bioprosthetic, mechanical, or tissue valves

  • Components are disposable or easily sterilized with an autoclave

  • Real-time data collection and monitoring

  • User control of ramping speed

  • Fast assembly and valve exchange

  • Customization available to accommodate user needs

Bioreactor Assembly front.PNG


  • Size (L x W x H): 30 x 13 x 65 cm

  • Media Volume: less than 1000 mL

  • Stroke Volume: up to 90 mL

  • Beats per Minute: up to 150 bpm

  • Viscosity: Adjustable

  • Systolic Pressure: up to 200 mmHg

  • Diastolic Pressure: up to 150 mmHg

  • Max Valve Size (D x L): 33mm x 5cm

  • Flow: up to 5.5 L/min