Platform Heart Valve Bioreactor

The base system used to test and develop heart valves under physiological conditions


How it works…

The Aptus Heart Valve Bioreactor System creates the mechanical forces necessary to test and condition heart valves and cardiovascular devices in physiologically relevant and sterile environments. The compact size of the systems allows independent control of multiple systems within the same incubator. Additional modules are available to create the perfect testing conditions for any type of heart valve (aortic, pulmonic, and mitral valves).

Example uses include:

  • Preconditioning tissue engineered scaffolds prior to implantation

  • Pre-clinical testing platform to assess tissue development, durability, and hemodynamic compatibility of a tissue engineered heart valve prior to implantation

  • Testing and assessing performance of stent-mounted valves (TAVR)

  • In-vitro test system of pathological conditions to better simulate in-vivo implantation or investigation of pharmacological treatments

  • Testing of implantable cardiovascular medical devices’ effects on living valves and other cardiovascular tissues.

Bioreactor Main Body.JPG



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