Quick Connect Fittings

A single-piece quick-action fitting


How it works…

Our solution is a single-piece quick-action fitting that installs with a simple push and locks on instantly. Unlike traditional fittings, quick connect fittings are not threaded. This eliminates the need for traditional tape sealing methods. Its innovative design will help users save time and money, reduce complications, and provide an easier way to obtain a cleaner and more reliable seal. The fittings are available in many sizes, materials, and connection types making them suitable for a variety of applications.


  • Allows the user to quickly connect or disconnect a tube to a bulkhead or pipe

  • Reduces cleaning and reconnection times

  • Maintains a reliable seal and connection that won’t accidentally disconnect

  • Decrease the risk of contamination in a sanitary settings

  • Compact, fully functional & installable in tight spaces

  • Allows rotation of connecting tube

  • Patented technology (US 8,840,150)

Applications and potential uses

This invention can be used for a variety of applications in the manufacturing, fluid transport, medical/sanitation, aviation, and automotive/industrial fields. Utilization of our patented quick-connect fitting would bring much needed savings and overall improvement. Contact us for more information about licensing opportunities.



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