Aptus Bioreactors provides cardiovascular equipment and consulting services to develop and test living tissue replacements and other medical devices. These technologies will be used to build patient-specific, living heart valves that utilize a patient’s own stem cells and will grow and regenerate for their entire lifetime.

Please join us in making this a reality!


Featured Technology

Heart Valve Bioreactor

The Aptus Heart Valve Bioreactor System creates the mechanical forces necessary to test and condition heart valves in physiologically-relevant and sterile environments. The compact size of the systems allows independent control of multiple systems within the same incubator. Additional modules are available to create the perfect testing conditions for each type of heart valve.

Vascular Bioreactor

Vascular Bioreactor with User Pump.jpg

The Aptus Vascular Bioreactor System features peristaltic pump technology combined with a highly-developed system of reservoirs, valves, and tubing to create a fully-tunable range of cardiovascular conditions. It can be used for conditioning, decellularization, or re-seeding in an open or sterile environment.

Quick COnnect Fittings


The Quick Connect Fittings are a single-piece quick-action fitting that installs with a simple push and locks with an audible click. Its innovative design will help users save time and money, reduce complications, and provide an easier way to obtain a cleaner and more reliable seal.