Rotating Cell Seeder

A heart Valve Cell Seeder


The Rotating Cell Seeder is to be used in the development of novel tissue engineered heart valves by allowing for location-specific cell seeding to heart valve roots. The device provides control over rotation style and speed, is autoclavable for repeated use, and provides gas exchange in a sterile in vitro environment.

When partnered with our Platform Heart Valve Bioreactor, you can fully develop and test your patient-specific heart valve. Now is the time to partner with us in developing tissue engineered heart valves!

Rotating Cell Seeder


  • Circumferential or end-over-end rotation

  • Can mount up to 2 seeding chambers

  • Control over rotation speed, duration, and pausing

  • Multiple units fit inside a standard incubator

  • Disposable or autoclavable components

  • Quick and easy assembly

  • Sterile in vitro environment and sterile gas exchange


  • AC Power Requirement: 120 or 240 V

  • Max Vacuum: -8 inch Hg

  • Rotating Speed: Set at 0.1 to 10 RPM

  • RC Seeder Weight: 14.65 lb (6.65 kg)

  • Chamber Weight: 10.25 lb (4.65 kg)

  • Chamber Volume: Less than 250 mL

  • Max W x D x H: 41.3 x 19.4 x 22.5 cm

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