With a commitment to improving the prognosis of heart valve diseases, Aptus Bioreactors provides novel bioreactor systems and accessories capable of creating and testing living, patient-specific, tissue engineered heart valves (TEHVs). Using the TEHVs, we envision “One Surgery, for Life” where hospital costs, risks, and other burdens associated with heart valve disease are eliminated.

Please join us in making this a reality!


Featured Technology


Rotating Cell Seeder

The Rotating Cell Seeder is to be used in the development of novel tissue engineered heart valves by allowing for patient-specific cell seeding to heart valve roots. The device provides control over rotation style and speed, is autoclavable for repeated use, and provides a sterile in vitro environment.


Heart Valve Bioreactor

The Platform Heart Valve Bioreactor provides the base system used to test and develop heart valves under physiological conditions. This system is used for preconditioning valve scaffolds, pre-clinical testing of tissue development, durability, and hemodynamic compatibility, and the testing of cardiovascular implants on heart valves. Using additional accessories, the bioreactor system can be used to replace early stage animal models or in vitro models for studying valve physiology, pathology, and patient-specific theranostics.


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