Vascular Bioreactor

The Vascular system for testing a range of cardiovascular conditions


The Vascular Bioreactor features peristaltic pump technology combined with a highly-developed system of reservoirs, valves, and tubing to create a fully-tunable range of cardiovascular conditions. It can be used for conditioning, decellularization, or re-seeding in an open or sterile environment. This system is available in both standard and scalable versions.



  • Quick and easy assembly

  • Accurate conditioning and testing

  • Fits on a standard cell culture incubator shelf

  • Designed to maintain function with minimal media volume

  • Accommodates a variety of vessel lengths and diameters

  • Disposable or autoclavable

  • Customization available



  • Vessel Inner Diameter: 1.78 - 6 mm

  • Vessel Length: Custom

  • Viscosity: Adjustable

  • Pressure: Up to 200 mmHg

  • Media Volume: Less than 10 mL

  • Total Flow: Up to 2000 L/min