Quick Connect Fittings

Single-piece Quick Action Fitting


Aptus Quick Connect Fittings were developed in a bioengineering lab around the ideology of simplifying the installation, changing, and cleaning of connections. Our solution is a single-piece quick-action fitting that installs with a simple push. Since the connection is not threaded, it eliminates the need for traditional tape sealing methods. We have created a solution available in many sizes, materials, and connection types that provides the following benefits:



  • Allows the user to quickly connect or disconnect tubing

  • Reduces cleaning and reconnection times

  • Maintains a reliable seal and connection that won’t accidentally disconnect

  • Decreases the risk of contamination in sanitary settings

  • Is compact and fully functional and installable in tight spaces

  • Allows rotation of connected tubing

  • Patented technology available for licensing


This invention was created for applications where sterility is essential, but is applicable to many areas of manufacturing, product transport, and research in areas such as medical, aviation, automotive, and industrial fields. Utilization of our patented quick-connect fitting would bring much-needed savings and overall improvement in your research laboratory.

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